A Typical Wedding Week

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Walking into your venue with gorgeous designs filling the room and the smell of fresh flowers in the air is the best, but what goes on behind the scenes before you see the finishing product? I am going to take you through a typical wedding week so you can understand what it is like to be a floral designer.

Monday: it’s the beginning on the week and if I had a wedding the previous Saturday, I am more than likely deep cleaning my studio and doing paperwork. Mondays are one of the most important days for me because I also take time to reflect on the previous wedding and make a to do list. Lastly, I write out my goals for the week. If I do not take time to do this my whole week is extremely stressful and I usually do not get everything done on time.

Tuesday & Wednesday: I usually am running errands, getting last minute items for the weddings and meeting over coffee or video chat with potential clients. I also am getting all my supplies such as vases and mechanics ready to go for the weekend. Lastly and most importantly, I am looking over all my notes and contracts for the wedding and prepping all the designs that will be made.

Thursday: Delivery day is here, which means its go time! I begin with looking over my order to make sure all items have arrived, then its time to begin processing. This means all flowers are to be opened out of packaging, striped, trimmed and placed into fresh water. This can take from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on the quantity, flowers and size of the wedding. Then its time to clean up and start prepping the vases. If using floral foam for the designs, I soak it in treated water and place and secure them in the vase. Lastly, its time to clean up and make sure everything is placed in the cooler room and ready to go for tomorrow.

Friday: Design day, this is where all the magic happens. Because flowers are so time sensitive I wait until Friday to begin designing. I create all bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, corsages etc. and make sure that all designs are perfect and secure for transport. This process can take up to 4-12 hours depending on the size and quantity of designs.

Saturday: WEDDING DAY! Its finally here, what you have been waiting and working so hard for. Time to load all the supplies, designs and any other items such as ladders and carts. Some weddings require the stay through the “flip”, which is the ceremony space changing to the reception space. So after finishing set up our work is not done. Also some weddings we have to come back to load out and tear down. This is FULL day of hard work and as much coffee as I can get my hands on, but seeing all your hard work come together for you client is worth it!

Sunday: Clean up and REST!

This is what a typical week in my shoes is like. Being a designer is HARD work but making your clients floral dreams come true is an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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